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The advantages of Hydrogen Therapy

We, the two partners of MeySchi GmbH Uwe and Franz, together with our wives Birgit and Christine are completely convinced of the health benefits and advantages of our Hydrogen Therapy.

Almost every day we use the Hydrogen Therapy for about 30-45 minutes, and we also drink hydrogen-enriched water produced with our Hydrogen device every day.

This daily ritual does us all good and we feel more vital and healthier as a result!

Uwe and Franz, Managing Directors of MeySchi GmbH

Correct measurement with Perikit

  • Accurate, reliable and fast solution
  • Cheapest and best quality solution
  • Monitoring for patients with edema
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PeriKit Vermessung Körper
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Discover our shapewear

  • Makes your body look slimmer
  • Pleasant to wear
  • Advanced fabric technology
  • Breathable and lightweight