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An accurate, reliable and fast solution for measuring the human body. Doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, dieticians, athletes, but also every individual who wants to track the development of their body circumference will find the PeriKit the most affordable and best quality solution.

The first and only measuring device that combines the ease of a traditional measuring device with the precision of a scanner.

The effectiveness of PeriKit is based on the rules of good medical practice and was developed by a doctor of physical therapy and is based on several recent scientific studies: “Reproducibility and reference point of measurement”; “Sensitivity of the test”; “Intra/inter-observer mechanisms between assessors”; … A study conducted at the Washington Congress showed that measurement errors of less than 1.5 millimetres were observed when 4 different people used PeriKit on the same patient.

Tracking Daten Körpermaße PeriKit

Why do we need to measure the body?

  • Patients with edema to control the disease
  • Physiotherapists and doctors: To document the result of the treatment or to change the therapy in case of lack of success.
  • Obesitologists and dieticians to control the disease
  • Athletes to track the development of your muscle mass
  • Anyone to quantify the speed of weight loss
  • Medical supply stores to order your customised items
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