Hydrogen and its advantages

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The smallest possible molecule in the universe brings you the greatest possible benefits for your health and well-being!


For your health?

Hydrogen reduces free radicals and oxidative stress, improving the health of your whole body.

Hydrogentherapie Wasserstoff

For your well-being?

Hydrogen is an effective antioxidant with no side effects and thus increases your personal well-being.

Hydrogen- & Oxygentherapie Fit im Alltag

For the sportsman?

Körper molekularem Wasserstoff

Start now with molecular hydrogen and change your appearance, your life!

Molecular hydrogen is recommended by doctors and health experts because of its therapeutic use for our body.

Hydrogen acts as a very powerful antioxidant, fights inflammation and chronic diseases, slows down the ageing process, moisturises the cells, rejuvenates the skin, gives energy, strengthens the immune system and has a very positive effect on the brain.

Get into hydrogen therapy!

Hydrogentherapie Gerät MeySchi

The most important facts about our therapy device:

  • Hydrogen gas inhalation
  • 2:1 Hydrogen Oxygen Gas
  • Eye treatment
  • Facial treatment
  • Production of hydrogen water for drinking
  • Targeted treatment of arms and feet in a water bath with hydrogen

The MeySchi technique

Hydrogen gas is inhaled on the one hand and drunk as a water-hydrogen mixture on the other. In the case of inhalation, the measurement of the flow rate is necessary to prove the effectiveness. It indicates how many millilitres of hydrogen gas per minute come out of the product. The faster the ml/min (millilitres per minute), the faster the molecular hydrogen saturates the blood and starts to work in the body.

A higher flow rate is more efficient in delivering hydrogen to the body and reduces the amount of hydrogen lost in transfer from the system to the body.

Current scientific literature recommends a minimum flow rate of 120-240 ml/min to obtain therapeutic benefits from hydrogen gas treatment.

Your active partner in hydrotherapy

Our focus is always on the customer/patient. Regardless of innovative and user-friendly products, we offer our customers/patients tailor-made solutions for their advertising and communication policy. Whether successful information evenings such as on 11.10.2023 in the Hopfenhäusla Münchberg with our exclusive partner the Physioteam Münchberg with over 60 participants or customer-specific flyers, we offer our customers high-quality and individual solutions.

The effectiveness of hydrotherapy is proven and confirmed by the following studies:

Successes in Hydrogen Therapy

In the treatment of chronic lung disease, hydrogen has been shown to act in a variety of ways to exert its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, and could therefore alleviate the severe lung symptoms of COVID-19. Numerous studies have confirmed that hydrogen has a therapeutic effect on many diseases by inhibiting excessive inflammatory cells and factors.

After 2 months of use, I notice a significant improvement in my hearing. I have needed hearing aids for a year. Before, I had to set the volume to 18 in the car, and with the hearing aids to 14. Since I have been using the hydrotherapy, I have noticed that I now also have to reduce the volume to 14 without hearing aids.

My chronic sinusitis has decreased significantly, the aggravation on my nose has decreased considerably.

Fatigue during long car journeys has become significantly less, attention has improved.

Regardless, a reduction in abdominal fat with the same diet as before therapy has become 2kg less.

Dr. Schingale, MeySchi GmbH
Due to Long-Covid, I suffer from severe shortness of breath, but after inhaling eight times and drinking 500ml of hydrogen-enriched water, I notice that my shortness of breath is much less severe.
Patient, female

Chronic zoster neuralgia is reduced from a pain level of 7 out of 10 to 3 out of 10.

Figure improvement through fat reduction on the hips and lower abdominal fold.

Patientin, weiblich

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