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Advanced fabric technology allows for comfortable wear and makes the body look slimmer

What do we mean by shapewear?

Garments designed to fit tightly and make the body look slimmer by smoothing out bulky areas and keeping them in shape. Today’s shapewear helps you look better in your clothes. With shapewear, you can achieve the same benefits as a traditional camisole, but with a more comfortable feel.

Due to its compressive nature, shapewear has a reputation for being uncomfortable, but fortunately the situation has improved in recent years thanks to advances in fabric technology.

Kompressionsleggings Elastizität Formbeständigkeit


Kompressionsleggings Elastizität Formbeständigkeit

The compression leggings from the new SHAPEWEAR MAXIS collection are made from a lightweight, functional, breathable and quick-drying material.

It is a wrinkle-free fabric, easy-care colour design – matt black (opaque) extra flat seams, universal length (can be shortened with a simple, clean cut) SENSITIVE® SCULPT material – three-dimensional elasticity of the fibres used and high Lycra content for maximum wearing comfort and shape retention even after several washes, breathable and quick-drying material, optimum thermoregulating properties and moisture transport, sun protection.

The product is designed for everyday life, sports, fitness activities, rest and relaxation. The main features Slimming figure – SHAPEWEAR EFFECT suitable for everyday life, sports, fitness, rest and relaxation sporty cut.

Interesting facts about cellulite, orange peel skin and lipedema

Cellulite, also called orange peel skin, is a constitutional, non-inflammatory change of the subcutaneous fatty tissue in the thigh and buttock area. The dimple-shaped skin surface is reminiscent of the surface of an orange.

The change in the skin’s surface is not a symptom of disease, but a purely aesthetic feature. Numerous medical, alternative medical and cosmetic treatments have been developed to prevent or reduce it, but none of them is completely successful.

We recommend healthy nutrition as well as exercise in a compression garment in the sense of shaping compression garments (shapewear). Since the changes do not affect the ankles and feet, shapewear leggings are completely sufficient.

Lipedema stage 1

In contrast to cellulite, which is a change in the surface of the skin in the sense of an orange peel skin, in lipedema there is a discrepancy between the extremities and the trunk of the body. There is more fatty tissue on the legs than on the abdomen. Stage 1 also shows orange peel skin, except that the legs have more subcutaneous fat tissue than the abdomen, the ankles and feet are still slim.

In the early stages, a healthy diet and light compression, which should be worn especially during sports, also help.

Calculate your body mass index (BMI): BMI = weight : height2

and the Waist-Height-Ratio WHtR (ratio between waist circumference and body height).

This value should be below 0.5 up to 40 years, and below 0.6 above 50 years.

If WHtR is normal but BMI is elevated, there could be an increase in adipose tissue.

If you also suffer from pressure soreness, bruises quickly and have a feeling of tension, then get in touch with us!

Read here everything you need to know about diagnosing lipedema using BMI and WHtR.


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